Star Wars Lightsaber Bookends

If you have a mini library at you place, I guess you might want to accessorize it with a bookend, but if you really want to give it a stylish look, how about having a Star War themed bookend? It’s something extraordinary for all Star Wars fans, for you can have this as a souvenir of this legendary movie in your own room.Star Wars Lightsaber Bookend

These amazing Star Wars Lightsaber bookends are designed by Symbiote Studios in prototype form, which seems all set to attack all the objects you decide to put on this with its glowing lightsaber, and is already put into production process.

While the regular bookends just do the job of supporting your bookshelf, these star wars bookends get illuminated with a little push, setting ablaze the trendy look of this lightsaber device. All you need to get are the batteries for the illumination of the lights, and it would just be a perfect match for your any evil, mysterious or horror collection of books. Available for just $49.99, this bookend has been made out of high quality polyresin, thus increasing its life span and giving it a rich look.

Star Wars Lightsaber Bookend (2)

With the lightsaber sticking out like a sword, you can also have this geeky object in your living room or as a decorative CD’s and DVD holder.

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via: Geekologie