Cardboard Foosball Table is Fun and Functional

Love Foosball but don’t have the space for a heavy, traditional table? Frat boys and apartment dwellers everywhere can rejoice at this version made completely out of corrugated cardboard.

Designed David Zarcone for a packaging competition sponsored by the Association of Independent Corrugated Converteres (AICC) and spanning the United States and Canada, this creative table took first place in the “Corrugated as Art” category. The designers used ArtiosCAD to create the each piece of the table, right down to the individually cut players. Best of all, it’s fully functional and ready for a game.

Personally, I think this board is a cool way to take something as everyday boring as cardboard and make it unique and interesting. I admire people who can look at a stack of boxes or a pile of used paper and see a foosball table or a recyclable computer. Plus, this design takes advantage of the nature of the material, using the inner swirls of the structure to decorate the handles and “foosball” text printed on the side, creating something more artsy than college student who has boxes for furniture.

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