iPad Jailbreak Announced by iPhone Dev Team

iPad has been in the news for quite some time and its jailbreak just had to happen anyway. However it is surprising that the jailbreak for iPad happened just after the day it was released. iPhone Dev Team has done the dirty work and now the iPad can run on an SSH server.


iPad had a number of unpatched security loopholes and because of these vulnerabilities, the iPhone Dev Team could jailbreak iPad within no time using their existing iPhone 3.1.3 hack. We would just have to wait until this is officially released for the public as a download, and we could start using the jailbroken iPad instead of using it as it is given to us.

Geohot had earlier revealed that an untethered jailbreak was arriving for iPhone and iPod touch. You could also read about how Apple iTunes 9.1 allows you to sync your library to iPad. Looks like iPad is not invincible after all, and when it comes to notorious hackers and jailbreakers, iPad must be a cake. It might take a couple of weeks but we sure can expect the iPad jailbreak files to be available for download.

Via: Gadget Lite