Lexon Bamboo Calculator Is A Gadget For The Green Geek

the world today is undergoing a green revolution of a different sort and with greater emphasis being placed on reducing one’s carbon foot print and the use of Eco-friendly materials there have been a host of bamboo gadgets popping up in the market and just to add to that already long list comes this cool bamboo calculator.
Lexon Bamboo Calculator

The unlike most green gadgets this one comes fully equipped with all the standard functions along with a few quirks the main one being the +/- Tax, which I guess was added to the device to entice the huge CA market out there. The body of the calculator as the name suggests is made from bamboo, hence imparting a very natural look to the gadget; the subtle color that the bamboo lends the calculator camouflages it in with almost any desktop. It’s design has been kept simple and contemporary and the dual power supply (solar cell/ battery) makes it an even greener gadget.

Lexon Bamboo Calculator 1

This gadget though radically different still sticks to the old fashioned dot matrix 8 digit display which is a bit drab, however this gadget would still hold its own on the desk alongside the bamboo keyboard, but if you are serious about reducing your carbon footprint then these bamboo bicycles may be the way to go.

via:[Lexon design]