Towel Folding Robot Is All Set For Your Home Service

With amazing robotic inventions taking place for every purpose one can think of, I guess it would only take a few more years when these robots would act as our right hand or aka…robot servants. It would be so wonderful to see them do all your work while you just sit, relax and order them. So taking a step into this robotic world, technology brings to you a Towel Folding Robot, the cutest little machine to help you as your personal home service.

Towel Folding Robot

So folding towels is something you have to do every single day. But it does take time to get the folds perfectly and in an orderly way, for you to stack them in a neat pile. This adorable little robot does just that. Created by Pieter Abbeel, this robot folds towels from the piles put next to it, may it be of any variety and size.

Towel Folding Robot (2)

According to its cloth-folding algorithm fed into it, this robot picks a towel, analyzes its details, tries to figure out how to fold it correctly, and then goes ahead with its task. Though it is a little slow while it functions, but it still manages to give you a helping hand not only with towels, you could also get your other are rectangular clothes folded, making use of two seven-axis arms and a wheeled base.

Towel Folding Robot (3)

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Via: Crunchgear