Thundercats Sword of Omens Concept Is Razzling

Thunder Cats was one of the most famous and popular animated TV series way back in the 80s. While several series and comics were released until the nineties, there are even plans now about releasing a movie and the Thunder Cats movie is being produced by Spring Creek Productions.

thunder cats sword of omens

The popularity of the Thunder Cats has been such that several designers and artists all over the world have been creating concepts and designs inspired by the story of the Thunder Cats and even accessories from the series. Fahd Sadiq, a designer from Lahore in Pakistan has created an awesome Sword of Omens which is inspired by the Thunder Cats.

thunder cats sword of omens part

The mystical Sword of Omens is what the Mutants of Plun-Darr hope to capture even after destroying all the starships in the ThunderFleet. The cat like humanoids fight these mutants in order to save the Sword of Omens. This might just be a 3D rendition by Fahd, and it surely looks futuristic and attractive and brings back all the scenes from the animated version that we grew up watching on the TV.

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