Amazing Pixels Video for Old School Geeks

    Old School geeks will simply love this new Pixels video made by Patrick Jean which combines many of the vintage and retro video game classics, characters, looks and feel into one amazing music video.

    This is Patrick’s new project that features Naïve New Beaters “L.A. trumpets” and also many of our favorite video game characters, such as Pacman, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong…just to name a few.

    pixels video donkey kong

    Using wonderful special effects and combining the upbeat music, Patrick has made a wonderful nostalgic video that features the old style and pixel look into a realistic suburban city with the Pixels taking over. With so much color, sound and things happening at the same time, I really could not attempt to explain what is going on and just urge you to press play and really soak in this amazing creation.

    pixels video space invaders

    Although it is completely different in style, it is as extraordinary as the 8 Bit Trip Video that was previously seen which combined bright Lego, animation, and 80’s style in one great mash up.

    Hat’s off to you Patrick…great tribute and a wonderful video, and also…thank you Jules for the tip!

    pixels video tetris