Raffaele Iannello’s Five Finger Fillet To Hold Your Knives

Wow! Now you can prove that you are a real action lover by buying the Five Finger Fillet Knife Holder for your kitchen.

five finger fillet steak knives

Many of us have played this game during our childhood days, and some of you might have used a pen instead of a real knife to play this game to save your hands from being bruised. Well, this Five Finger Fillet Holder made by Raffaele Iannello’ won’t harm you, but would assure that your knives don’t get lost.

This Knife set is named aptly as per the design that reiterates the basics of the game very artistically wherein one person places his hand down on a flat surface with fingers kept apart and uses a sharp object, preferably a knife to stab between the fingers without hitting them. Keeping such a utility in kitchen would make people know that you don’t get afraid and are always ready to take up challenges, so it is better not to trouble you.

For the base of the Five Finger Fillet ABS plastic is used while the knives are made from 18/0 stainless steel. The set includes 6 steel razor knives with sharp precision cutting blades and an appealing black stand to match up the décor of your kitchen. In a very voguish way you can keep your knives within your reach. You can buy them by paying just $59.99.

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