Super-chic Super Mario Bros Characters Sneakers Look Cool

What could be better than donning a pair of cool shoes or sneakers and zipping around the town on a bike? Well, nothing really unless the sneakers are inspired by your favorite gaming characters from Super Mario Bros.?

wario nike dunks

Here are some really cool dunks that are inspired by Wario, Luigi and Princess Peach. Like we all know, Super Mario Bros. are the most influential and prominent gaming characters and they can be recognized by people all around the world no matter in which corner they stay.

Thus, wearing these Luigi, Wario and Peach dunks would help you bond with unknown strangers when you go traveling abroad. Paper Luigi Dunks by Happycash Fashion cost £89.99 a pair, and they look really cool. The Wario Nike Dunks have the picture of the evil characters from the gaming franchise looking all angry and charged up.

I guess these sneakers are more apt for girls, as they come in pink and fluorescent green. It would indeed be a great pair of shoes if you are going back home after a long and arduous academic year at the school. We had also written about the cool Super Mario Bros Nike Dunks sometime back, and I am sure you would love them too!

princess peach shoes

Via: GameFreaks, Happy Cash Fashion, Ghetto Burger, Brass Monki