Eclipse Wireless Litetouch Keyboard with LCD 3-in-1 Touch Panel

Need not to explain that the Eclipse Litetouch is a Wireless Keyboard as you have read the name before jumping onto read about it, But you must be wondering what is the work of this LCD touchpanel; so, to kill your curiosity I would like to tell you that the 3-in-1 LCD touch panel lets the user access three modes via MyEclipse, Number pad and Media mode just at the finger touch.

Eclipse wireless litetouch

Eclipse wireless litetouch keyboard

The work of MyEclipse mode is to let the user access his favorite applications and websites instantly just by a touch. The touchpanel is programmed to let the user personalize up to three websites on 12 pre-defined icons that cover the hot topics like the finance, entertainment, health and shopping. You can add your favorite games and, applications along with the websites and all of these will open simultaneously at the touch of a single button. If you are looking forward to something more, then there are 5 numbered buttons that lets you pick the subject not included in the pre-defined buttons.


The next control of the touchpanel is a normal number pad just like the numpad of any ordinary keyboard while the third, i.e., the media control panel lets you stop, play or go to the next digital audio/video file in your media list.

Eclipse wireless keyboard

The litetouch keyboard communicates via a wireless 2.4GHz connection at up to 30ft / 10m range so you can team it with a big screen display and enjoy work just sitting on your couch. The company understands that nobody can carry a mouse and a keyboard together, so for your convenience, a 360° trackball is integrated in the keyboard that lets you utilize the functions of both left and right mouse buttons without any separate mouse.

Eclipse litetouch keyboard

I guess you will agree with me on this point that with such utility, the Eclipse Wireless Litetouch Keyboard will prove an idea solution for your Internet surfing in the living room. Its Trueview™ backlit keys and low profile quiettouch™ scissor keys save the users from straining their eyes and you can, therefore, very conveniently operate this keyboard even in dimmed room. To integrate this keyboard with your system, check out if your system runs on either of these Windows 7, Windows XP, XP64, Vista and Mac OS X.

These Star Trek-style keyboards will appear in the markets during Spring 2010 in two versions a USB wired and a wireless version, the latter will run for $129.99. The keyboard uses rechargeable lithium ion battery built to operate and its battery has an extended life.

Till it hits the stores, just check out some of the cool keyboards such as the Jellyfish Inspired Keyboard Keyset, Matias USB 2.0 iPhone Keyboard and Wireless Keyboard + Touch Pad.

Via: Gameshark