Calculator ‘Cakeulator’ Cake For Number Geeks

There are different kinds of geeks – while some lose themselves in games, gadgets and programming some are into world of calculations, numbers and accounting.  Here is an awesome cake ‘Cakeulator’ which looks exactly like desktop Casio calculator, baked specially for the farewell of finance geek of the company.

Calculator cakulator cake

It must have taken extreme patience and talent to create an awesome going away cake with such a geek theme. This truly shows that a cake can be made for every occasion and for every kind of geek. The ‘Cakeulator’ created by debbiedoescakes looks like real calculator and even color combination of white, grey and black with pencil lying beside it to note down the calculated numbers is perfect. The added farewell message says it all – this cake tells a story about the person (cfo) who is moving on, the work and its importance to the company and most importantly celebrates person’s dedication to numbers.  Those who hate numbers will feel extra pleasure too in eating this one.

Some of other geeky cake designs featured here in the past are Delicious Laptop Cake and New Rubik Cube Cake. They all may seem bizarre to conventional cake lovers but will surely attract a lot of attention on any occasion and effort is praiseworthy.