The 15 Geekiest Toilet Paper Designs and Dispensers

It may not be the best topic to talk about, but everyone has to use the toilet paper a few times every day. It is one of those things that most people avoid talking about, for it is not only inappropriate but profoundly gross as well. However there are certain geeks who think it is not such a taboo topic after all, and have geeky version of the roll in order to keep them entertained while they go on with their business.

Toilet paper was first used in China and this was documented by a Muslim traveler to China in the 9th Century remarked that the Chinese are “unclean” for they do not use water to clean themselves. Now, the geeks have a lot to be happy about, for most of the life’s little necessities are manufactured too and it always gives geeks the opportunity to get things manufactured in a nerdy way.

Here are some of the 15 most bizarre and geeky toilet paper rolls and dispensers that I have come across online. I am sure you might want to buy a roll after reading through this post!

Origami Toilet paper

origami toilet paper

If one were to spend long hours in the WC, it could get trifle boring. What one could actually do is get hold of this interesting Origami Toilet Paper that would help the bored soul create wonderful papercrafts. Only, after using them they need ti be flushed down and not exhibited to friends no matter how good the papercraft looks.

Color by Numbers Toilet Paper


There are many different ways to keep oneself entertained while sitting on the can. One of the ways is to grab a Color by Numbers Toilet Paper, and use crayon pencils in order to make attractive patterns.

R2D2 Toilet paper Dispenser

star wars r2d2 toilet paper dispenser

If you always liked watching Star Wars movies, here is what you could do to show your admiration to the Star Wars Franchise during the most private of moments. You could grab this R2D2 Toilet Paper Dispenser and reflect upon all the good times that you had, thanks to the Jedi.

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

glow in the dark toilet paper

If you live a country where there is hardly any continuous power supply, you may need these toilet paper that glow in the dark. Or else, if you go camping often, you might want these life saving toilet papers too. They guide you exactly where your hands need to be.

Puzzle Toilet Paper

puzzle toilet paper

If you like playing pranks upon people, you can leave the Toilet Paper Puzzle in the bathroom. The victim would wrack his or her brains out trying to get a piece of paper out of this toilet paper dispenser. This one is something that all jerks would love to have in their bathrooms.

Manga Toilet Paper

manga toilet paper

The Manga Toilet Paper by Yakumi Tsuru and Banbix is for those who like to read when they do their business in the bathroom. It is one of the more annoying habits that most people possess. The Manga Toilet Paper by Yakumi Tsuru and Banbix would certainly be a great gift to those who like to read at the most inappropriate of times.

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Robot Toilet Paper Dispenser

robot toilet paper

If you like robots and androids, you might want to believe that there is always a robot to help you. This “robot” will help you wipe yourself up.

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iWipe Mac Toilet Paper Dispenser

mac iwipe toilet paper dispenser

If you have an old Mac lying around, you could learn how to turn it into an intelligent toilet paper dispenser.

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Spiderman Toilet Paper

spiderman toilet paper

If you like reading Spiderman comics, you could now do so, in the most inappropriate of times. Still Spiderman may not approve.

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Mario Piranha Plant Toilet Paper Dispenser

mario piranha toilet paper

If you like playing Super Mario Bros, you sure would like the Piranha Plant Toilet Paper Dispenser. This one would appeal to all Mario fans.

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Lego Toilet Dispenser

If you are a fan of Lego, you would know that it is amazingly easy to build anything you want. A geek decided to build a Lego Toilet Dispenser, and you can learn how.

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Mac Toilet Paper Dispenser

mac toilet paper dispenser

If you liked the iWipe Mac Toilet Dispenser, you are going to love this Mac Toilet Paper Dispenser as well. It looks a little gross though.

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Spiderman Hulk Toilet Paper

spiderman hulk toilet paper

If you always liked Spiderman and Hulk, and wished they were together in inappropriate places, you could now find them together in a toilet!

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Sudoku Toilet Paper

sudoku toilet paper

If you are the kind of person who just has to do something while in the can, you could try and get the Sudoku Toilet Paper which will keep you engaged while you solve the puzzles.

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Windows Vista Toilet Paper

windows vista toilet paper

If you hate Windows Vista just as everyone else does, this seems like a befitting ode to the world’s most annoying Operating System.

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There could be several more geeky toilet papers and if you know any, we would surely like to hear about them!