No Flash Support on iPhone and iPad: Best Example!

The Flash may not be as popular as Superman, Batman or the Green Lantern, but that does not mean he should not get any Flash Support on the iPhone or iPad.

the flash iphone ipad spoof

Note: Just in case the joke was not apparent 🙂

This funny image makes fun of the No Flash Support and Apple’s ongoing problem using the the Flash and the Justice League. As the image illustrates, ALL the superheroes can be easily seen on the top spot since it is using a Google Android phone. Unfortunately, the bottom spot shows the the Flash is gone and is replaced with the ‘lack of flash’ icon many iPhone users are so familiar with…and iPad fans recently joining.

Well, this spoof may not be as accurate since it is just an image and a parody, but it does best to illustrate how much the Flash is missed when using the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Via: The Duty