Keep It Clean With Han Solo Carbonite Soap

Well it seems that when it comes to integrating your own love of the Star Wars series with everyday items, Han Solo takes the cake. This Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite soap lets Han get intimate with just about every part of your body…if you’re into that sort of thing. The soap is unquestionably well put together, featuring shea butter, aloe vera, and pure olive oil components.

I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be rubbing Han Solo’s tortured and frozen visage into a frothy lather, but I imagine there are some hardcore Star Wars fans out there that would enjoy the idea just like eating the Han Solo Carbonite cake. These things aren’t mass produced either. According to the soap’s manufacturer each soap is hand detailed with “matte and metallic” pigments to make yourself an accurate replica. It measures about 4.2 inches by 2.25 inches and it’s also an inch thick. If you’re wondering what frozen carbonite man smells like, he’s fragrance free and and “ultra gentle” when coming in contact with skin. Considering the impressively accurate depiction, I’d bet these bars take a good while to recreate. No word on whether the Rancor soap will indeed be fragrance free (ew) or gentle on the skin. All signs currently point to no.

If the site is any indication, there’s a tremendous amount of demand for this sort of thing. A notice on the site states that the soap has received an “epic” response and they can’t pump this soap out fast enough to keep up! There’s actually a 4 week waiting list if you expect to get your hands on your very own Han. At $6.50 a pop I’d say this is a pretty steep bar of soap, but the masses have spoken and I will not deny them. There’s even a limited version of the soap available with an Aurebesh label. Can’t beat that with a stick..or a frozen carbonite Han Solo replica. I wonder how many washes Han can take before he comes an incomprehensible blob? Someone will have to test this for me. You have to admit the soap will make a great addition to your Jedi Bathrobe. Heck throw in a Luke Skywalker toothbrush and Chewbacca toilet seat cover and you’ll have a full on bathroom theme going.

Via: Collect3d