Colored Lightbulb Puts A Rainbow In The Room

Colored lightbulbs have been around for decades, but the RBG-Light Bulb E26 with Remote Control is a great new spin on an old concept.


While there are a laundry list of RBG bulbs available, many require a special outlet or converter in order to work. This version fits in a standard socket and offers preset rainbow of sixteen colors. The included remote will let you set the color of your choice, or the automatic change setting will scroll through all your options. The bulb also comes with a customizable brightness control so you can set the lighting to match the mood.

Using lighting to set the mood is the concept behind chromotherapy, a scientific use of colored light that has been around since the ancient Egyptians. As an alternative medicine, chromotherapy claims the ability to balance energy lacking in a person’s body by exposing them to a variety of colored lights. Different shades evoke different feelings in the people exposed: green is supposed to fight depression, blue is calming, red used to energize, yellow stimulates happiness and the list goes on… and all these colors can be produces by the RBG-Light Bulb.


In addition, since the RBG-Light Bulb E26 fits in any standard light socket, you can place it in a lamp, lighted statue, or even lightable furniture as pictured. One bulb could also be moved from room to room for different occasions. Or put more than one in the same room for an undeniably disco effect that would liven up any party. The possibilities of the color craze are nearly endless.

The RGB-Light Bulb has a life of 30,000 hours and is CE certified. You can get all the info at Moree’s website. For more fun with color and light, check out the Mimicry Lamp or the Color Changing Poplight Lamps which also use colored bulbs to liven up a standard lamp.