Let’s Play Chess on WU&: LED Chess Set

Kudos! to designer Guan Yi Quan for creating the geeky version of the traditional chess set  viz., WU& a Chess Set.  If you are not a fan of Chess and avoid being in its close proximity, because you lack its skill, think again.  It’s not a traditional chess board, but an awesome, foldable silica gel chessboard. It will definitely charm you with its exceptional LEDs.  After glancing at this rare chess set you may like to look for a partner to play with you.  But don’t worry, if you fail to get your companion to play the chess don’t be disappointed, why not play against its onboard computer then?


Having a look at this chess set, one may wonder what a great idea its designer got to make the LEDs chess set.  Playing with LEDs on chess board would give you a feeling that you are playing a Star Wars game, though there will be force around – a total battle field; you are commanding your team with a laser look like lights. What a fantastic feeling.  It’s surely not to be missed opportunity to play chess with LEDs.  If you don’t know how to play chess, get a working knowledge of it, through online resources and master some skills before playing the WU& a Chess Set.  The other rare designs worth attempting in this category include:  Chess set on motherboard ,  Chess set on the rocks and Star Wars chess set .

LED Chess_set_2

Via : Yankodesign