The New Kraken 3D Goggles with Steampunk Design

In the coming days, 3D technology is definitely going to be one of the biggest attractions for the movie lovers. However, don’t you think that though 3D technology has advanced, the device still used for watching these movies have become a bit outdated? If your answer is yes, then get rid of those thick rimmed “geeky” looking 3D glasses right away, for the new Kraken Steampunk 3D Goggles are here.

I guess there is nothing better than having a pair of cooler looking glasses which can not only enhance your 3D watching experience but can also provide your eyes with the needed comfort. The new Kraken Steampunk 3D goggles are definitely a smarter and clearer way for watching and feeling that amazing 3D experience.

Are you a fan of the Steampunk trend and ready to pay some extra bucks to stand out of the crowd? Then the new Kraken Steampunk 3D Goggles, designed by Will Rockwell, are exactly for you.These Kraken Steampunk 3D Goggles are truly a techie’s delight, which not only makes you look really cool but stylish as well.

So what makes these Kraken Steampunk 3D goggles very different from the conventional 3D goggles available in the market?  The Kraken Steampunk 3D goggles are ornamental 3D goggles, made from soft leather, lamp parts, copper meshes, and brass which truly define the steampunk aesthetics. These amazingly attractive and gleaming 3D brass goggles are definitely a huge compliment to the 3D world of cinema. Moreover, the goggles come in a classic goggle box and can be customized according to the customer’s taste. This unique gizmo is the right device to cherish all those amazing 3D movies.

Don’t be surprised if the next time you plan to watch a 3D movie with the Steampunk 3D goggles and end up being a show stopper yourself, attracting more eyes than the movie does. Believe me or not, these new 3D glasses are here to stay.

For all those who are curious about the price of this cool gadget might be a bit disappointed, for it is tagged a bit higher than those of the conventional ones. But as they say – sophistication and class doesn’t come cheap! The Kraken Steampunk 3D goggles are available for $200 with additional $10 shipping cost in the States, and $18 for the rest of the world.
So in case you are in the “cooler” category and have some extra bucks to add an additional zeal to your 3D movie experience, then do both – your visibility and personality a favor by getting yourself the stylish, cool, and unconventional Kraken Steampunk 3D goggles.

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Via : Slashgear