Watches Twitter Bird Cuckoo Clock Will Tweet You All Your Alerts

Twitter Bird Cuckoo Clock Will Tweet You All Your Alerts

I guess everyone has a cuckoo clock these days, which gives your room a lively look, but if you want to stand out from those people, and get a better deal to show off your friends, then check out this Twitwee Cuckoo Clock to enhance your décor.

twitter bird cuckoo clock design

So twitter is the most talked about entertainment service that archives your messages on the net. Well, this clock will display your messages on itself on the little screen! Bewildered or excited already? Then read ahead to know how it works!

Twitwee Bird

Designed and crafted by Haroon Baig and tagged as Twitwee clock, this cuckoo clock has a wireless connection to the Internet through which you can check all your latest updates and tweets on its small LED screen that’s hooked into twitter API software. While the incoming tweets are displayed on that screen, the adorable little cuckoo will pop out of the clock to inform you.

Thus, the clock buzzes when there is any new tweet for the user in his personal timeline, provided “TwitweeClock” is fed into the tweet display, which will initiate the connection to the cuckoo clock, and thus make the cuckoo pop out and signal you.


So as this clock goes ahead to justify the twitter passion, the clock is configured with a Linux operating system and a flash lite player, while its controlled by Arduino Board.

All the cuckoo clock admirers should also have a look at the Shining Cuckoo Clock or the Aspiral clocks.

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