Super Mario Piranha Plant Pez Dispensers Make Your Mouth Water

If you are not familiar with Austrian confectionery you would be surprised to know that PEZ confectioneries come from the country of Sigmund Freud. The peppermint flavored confectioneries are so famous that they were even featured in several TV shows.

piranha mario pez dispenser

What makes Pez interesting is that their dispensers are really cool, with a head and face and a body like stand. In fact it is quite common to see people building Pez dispensers that are inspired by their favorite cartoon characters or TV shows.

This one here by Nikejerk is inspired by the Super Mario Bros. franchise. The Custom Piranha Plant Pez Dispensers could be a great gift to anyone who likes playing Mario games, or just about anyone who likes to munch on Pez. They come in several colors and each one looks better than the others.

I am not sure if these dispensers come with Pez, or they are just built to look like the Pez Dispensers. Even if they do not have any Pez in them, you could always buy some for yourself and feed the “Piranhas” with Pez. You could take a look at other Super Mario inspired designs like the Super Mario Nike Sneakers, Super Mario Music Box and Mario & Luigi Rings.

Via: Hawty Mc bloggy