Phantom Flex: Shoot Full HD at 2,800 fps or as Slow as Almost 5 fps!

If you are a high speed photographer and you haven’t heard of Vision Research then I think that you need to take a break and just Google the term; but if you have heard of them then you might have some idea about the Phantom series and a little knowledge about the newly released Phantom flex, tagged as one of the most flexible high speed digital cinema cams there exists.Phantom Flex4Just to impress you let me jot down a few quickies that will at the least amaze you to such an extent that might want to get yourself one of these; It comprises of a 4MP color CMOS sensor and captures a maximum resolution of 2560×1600 shooting at 1,560 frames-per-second (fps) which can be increased to 2,800 when you step the resolution down to full-HD (1920×1080) and finally a wide range compatible lenses which include 35mm (PL, Canon EOS, Nikon F, Panavision), Super 16mm, and 2/3” lenses.Phantom Flex1

So by now you must have a quite clear picture of what you are probably gonna buy soon, but unfortunately the manufacturers have not declared the price as of yet and just to give you an idea let me remind you that a camera of this potential might cost you a fortune, why not jump to the Vision Research site and have a look at the other cool features that are bound to surprise you!Phantom Flex2

Now not every one here might be able to get one of these so why not check out some of the other cool cams that have pretty much the same functions but to a lesser potential like the Polaroid PIC 100 or the Mag Pix 1080 HD Mini Camcorder.Phantom Flex3