Soft Amigurumi Big Daddy Doll is Geeky Challenge of Other Kind

Japan is the birth place of geeky videogames and the games no doubt reflect the Japanese culture of warriors who have special powers to overcome the evil and protect the weak.  The subsequent video games which have originated elsewhere like Bioshock too have action figures and Big Daddy who protects Little Sisters is quite popular. But here is a project more challenging than the game itself – Crocheting and creating geeky amigurumi Big Daddy doll! Not as tasty as the Bioshock Cake, but still just as good.

big daddy amigurumi 1

Well those of you who are new to the world of crochet and needles art, Amigurumi is the Japanese art of creating small stuffed cute dolls by knitting or crocheting. Normally amigurumi are either stuffed animals or anthropomorphic creatures with big round spherical head with great aesthetic appeal. No wonder Big Daddy became a big challenge for this nerd amigurumi expert and it took a while to create an amigurumi pattern for other keen followers of the craft.

big daddy amigurumi2

If you have a way with needles and knitting hooks then click here to follow pattern instructions and face the challenge of creating soft and cute Big Daddy. Even as a soft doll amigurumi Big Daddy looks quite geeky, strong and ready to protect Little Sisters!

For another Bioshock creation, check out the Big Daddy Tree Sculpture, and if you want other stuff, then here are couple of geeky crochet craft creations – Crocheted Heroes of Rebellion and Stars Wars Aliens and Cheese Burger Crochet.

Via Spritestitch