Electric Yike Bike Stands Lighter Than Breeze!

With increasing parking space problems, there are a dozens of portable space consuming vehicles that are being designed. To add one more fantabulous design to this collection, take a look at this extravagant electric YikeBike.YikeBike

Invented by Grant Ryan and designed by a team in New Zealand, this bike weighs just 10 kg with the use of carbon fiber frame, and to solve all your space congestion problems, it just folds into 6 x 23.6 x 23.6 inches! And so you imaginations are right, as this is the smallest and lightest electric folding bike ever.

YikeBike (2)

So all geared to know how this bike works? Well, as you can see in the pictures, the handles of the bike are located on the sides of the rider with electronic anti-skid brakes unlike any other electric bikes. To give it a bit of traditional look, it also has built-in lights, indicators and brake lights.

YikeBike (3)

Don’t worry about its battery life, for its lithium ones support the battery power for at least 9 to 10 kms that can speed upto 20km/hr.  So while you comfort yourself on the super leather seat, its surely bound to attract some attention everywhere you ride along this bizarre model.

Totally rechargeable in just 30 minutes, you might have to pay some handsome amount to own this sleek wheeler, around $5000, though you might definitely have some gala time riding this YikeBike while you wobble along the path!

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Thanks Gila for the tip 🙂