The New Supersonic Tokyoflash Concept Will Make You Go Round In Circles

We all know about the cool ranges of unconventional watches that are brought to us by the guys from the other side of the world: Tokyoflash, they can be considered as the pioneers of unconventional watch design and this new design is no exception, named “Supersonic” the news about this watch has spread at supersonic speeds.Tokyoflash Supersonic1The watch is pretty much like it’s brothers and sisters, highly unique and unorthodox in it’s design and looks that could kill all other competitors in it’s range, and very much like the previous versions this watch has a very unique way of depicting time, to be precise it depicts time in circles.Tokyoflash Supersonic2

The Tokyoflash watch wears a sleek smoked black lens on which Green and Blue lines present the time in circular shapes that show hours, minutes and seconds in a very simple to read manner, to read the time you just simply look at the big green dial which represents the Hours, the big blue dial represents the Minutes in groups of five, while the smaller blue dial represents the seconds, the smaller green dial represents the single minutes; it’s pretty simple to read once you get the hang of it, or at least I guess so.

Tokyoflash Supersonic3

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