Nike’s StrapHand Pedometer: a Step above the SportBand

After the success of its own SportBand, Nike has now come up with a concept of a handheld pedometer called the StrapHand Pedometer. This StrapHand concept designed by French designer Valentin Sollier can be worn around the palm, instead of the wrist like the SportBand, paving way for better ergonomics, use and performance, and with its sleekness it looks undeniably futuristic.
Nike’s StrapHand PedometerNike’s StrapHand Pedometer (2)
While the SportBand allowed you to record the distance, pace, time and calories burned while running, the StrapHand Pedometer gives you all the features of the SportBand along with a USB connection via a docking station giving the user the ability to compare his stats with other athletes in the same street, town or anywhere around the world.
Nike’s StrapHand Pedometer (5)Nike’s StrapHand Pedometer (3)
The StrapHand Pedometer is of great use to all those competitive athletes out there, giving them a great way to compare their stats with other fitness addicts like themselves across the seven seas and it also gives them a chance to work on their improvement or simply set a target to achieve.
Nike’s StrapHand Pedometer (4)Nike’s StrapHand Pedometer (6)
So in addition to giving you information such as your heart rate and the calories you’ve burned the StrapHand Pedometer also gives you the facility to compare your pace, distance and time with athletes around the world. If you’re an athlete, what could be better?