Scary Steampunk Gas Mask Look Awesome

Masks have the tendency to create a persona around the wearer and both wearer and the viewer feel differently about the person the moment he or she wears a mask.

bgbbl mask

It all depends on what the mask looks like, and the person “wears that attitude”. Since face is the index of one’s mind, a mask can be called as the illusion that distracts from the true self.

bgbbl steampunk mask

Steampunk Masks have always been pieces of art, and it has never been more obvious than in the ones that are created by Petrov and his team at Bob Basset workshop, Ukraine.

This time around, the team has launched a mask titled “BGBBL Mask“. I have no clue what that means, but it sure looks like a gas mask or a miner’s mask which is worn in order to protect oneself from noxious fumes.

bgbbl mask backside

It has a certain Steampunk quality to it, thanks to all the brass and copper, and the leather only makes it more kick-ass. I am not sure if this mask is for sale, but you could always contact the designers at Bob Basset for more information. We had also features Steampunk Masks by Bob Basset a long time ago, and you may want to read about them or some cool Steampunk Weapons.