The Stylish Nekura Twilight Watch From Tokyoflash Japan

We’ve seen the transformation of the watch since decades from when the pocket watch became the wrist watch and its transformation in recent years into the Tokyo Flash watch.

Tokyo Flash Japan has brought us another range of fabulous time tellers with this new watch in the Nekura series. This timepiece christened the Nekura Twilight goes back to the classic approach, eluding any obscure or mysterious time-telling systems.The Stylish Nekura Twilight Watch

This brilliantly designed watch with its jet black face tells the time using a combination of an outer and an inner dial. While a rotating disc cleverly shows the hour on the outer dial, the inner dial colored in bold tones of orange and blue, tells the time in minutes. This dial is enveloped with a sleek silver casing which complements the curved glass lens.

With the Nekura Twilight, Tokyo Flash Japan chooses to display digits as simple white numerals only at cardinal points on the face in order to provide a clear appearance and have surely succeeded with this classic but yet awesome design.

The Stylish Nekura Twilight Watch (2)

The Twilight which is popular among both sexes is finished with a neatly designed clasp and is available in brushed stainless steel with a black colored strap. Weighing only a mere 60 grams this stylish watch can be worn comfortably around your wrist.

This brilliant and popular timepiece is available for $51.82 and along with its classic method of time-telling it also features Japanese movement mechanisms.

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