Super Cool Tron Glow in the Dark Hoodie and T-shirt

Living in the 80s you could not have possibly missed Tron, the predecessor of all the current sci-fi films. Tron awed all of us science fiction geeks with its spectacular Light Cycle scene and who didn’t wish he could own one those awesome Light Cycles and leave behind those colored walls of light, racing and eliminating our opponents. Well you can now buy your very own Light Cycle! Just kidding, well technology hasn’t progressed to such an extent but you can definitely satisfy your Tron needs with this super cool glow in the dark Tron Hoodie or T-shirt!Super Cool Tron Glow

The mega awesome Tron Hoodie and T-shirt from Threadless look fantastic and with their ability to glow in the dark with them on it’ll be impossible not to keep imagining yourself in the light cycle arena, ready to race on your very own futuristic two-wheeled cycle. What makes the Hoodie even cooler is that all you need to do is flap up the hood and there, you’ve got yourself the helmet!

Super Cool Tron Glow (2)

The Tron Hoodie as well as the T-shirt are available for both men and women and resemble the exact outfits worn in the film with the very same design on them. While the shirt retails for $20, the hoodie is up for $45, so get it now and bring out the Tron loving sci-fi geek in you.

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via: comicsallaince