Glorifed Objects of Daily Use: Fancy LED Tweezers

When speaking of tweezers, what credible attributes can one think of? Probably you would say easy handling, precision or durability, but definitely not a lighting job. But the folks at Moree, a German Design Brand, begged to differ.  They infused LED lighting into tweezers, thus glorifying an otherwise mundane object and making it into a new gadget for many.



Well, let me shift my focus to product specifics for now. The LED tweezers from Moree can either be used for cosmetics and personal care or hobbies, handicraft and modeling. The Led lighting will be activated when the tweezers are pressed to pick or pull out an object thus brightly illuminating a good amount of area of it. Since these are usually used with minuscule things, the extra lighting would definitely be a perquisite here.

As one can see, the packaging of the product is emphasized a great deal here. Moree offers individual colors and the option of printing one’s own self-created logo can also be put up. This is expected to lift up the whole appeal of the product and make it an excellent gifting idea. The product website is oozing information on its LED laced stuff but a word on pricing is missing.