Walyou Random Roundup [May 1, 2010]

Walyou Random Roundup for May 1, 2010 includes 24 Ps3 Mods, 40 Xbox 360 Mods, Star Wars, Pokemon Hoodie, Monster Engine, Fake iPad and more. Enjoy the Roundup and have a great weekend!

xbox 360 car mod image thumb

1. The 40 Coolest Xbox 360 Mods which Have Seen The Light of Day (XboxFreedom)

2. Rare Portrait Of Chewbacca`s First Wife (I Am Bored)

3. 5 Real Xbox Live Achievements (College Humor)

4. 24 Awesome PS3 Mods, Concepts and Designs for Sony Playstation Fans (PS3Maven)

5. Ninja Stealth Video: You never see ‘em coming (The Chive)

6. The Monster Engine Turns Children’s Artwork Into Something Terrifyingly Awesome (Comics Alliance)

7. Tactile Gaming Vest Brings Players All the Pain Without the Blood (Asylum)

8. LED LEGO (Geek Alerts)

9. James Cameron Convinces NASA On A 3-D Camera To Shoot Mars (TFTS)

10. Hacker selling Facebook accounts online (Geek With Laptop)

11. Robby The Robot Would Love To Be A Member Of Your Family (GadgetHim)

12. Gulf Coast Oil Spill Graphs (Holy Taco)

13. James Hance’s Amazing Star Wars-Themed Art (Geeks Are Sexy)

14. Fake iPad from China (TechChee)

15. Mew Pokemon Hoodie Looks Cute! (GadgetHer)