A Winnie The Pooh Phone That Resembles A Piggy’s Face

We all might remember Winnie The Pooh to be this fun and cute little bear who just loves to eat huge amounts of honey for all his three meals of a day, but what we see here is probably a distant relative of the Pooh form the family of the Three Little Pigs.

Piggy Pooh Phone

This Piggy faced Pooh Phone might look like a toy to you but believe me folks it is packed with all the standard features you would find in any other cool phone, it’s just that it has disguised in this form to appeal to all lovers of cute and cuddly stuff!

The little small black dot you see on the Piggy-Pooh phone’s nose is it’s 0.3 megapixel (VGA) camera, carefully blended into the phone so that not many can spot it, also the eyes and the mouth light up and flash lights every time you play some music, and each time they flash differently for a different track!

Selling for just $499 RMB (about $73) the Chinese phone manufacturers did not have any legal right to make the Pooh phone and hence they created this Piggy-Pooh phone instead, but for some odd reason there exists a Disney logo at the back.

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Via: SlipperyBrick