The Moree LED Cube is Designed to Set the Ambience Indoors and Outdoors

If you’re looking for an innovative concept to decorate your house or workplace with, well Moree is the place to look. Moree, a new design brand brings us innovative lifestyle products in the field of lighting such as the Cube, which apart from being modern in design and original in style, have approves suitability for daily use .Moree Cube (2)

The Moree Cube is available in four different types- the indoor and outdoor cubes which are also available as LED products thus, allowing you to decorate your bedroom, hallway, terrace, garden, restaurant, pub or bar in style.

Moree Cube

The Indoor Cube serves as a seat, table, an indirect light source or simply as a decoration object and equipped with a transparent cable and a foot switch it is ideally suited for both private and commercial use. Measuring 44 x 44 x 45 cm, it weighs approximately 7 kg and is translucent white in color. This cube makes a fashionable table or seat in your office and a great bedside table or a decoration object in your bedroom.

Moree Cube (4)

The outdoor cube serves the same purpose as the one indoors and bearing a black waterproof cable it magnificently illuminates gardens, terraces or parks.

Moree Cube (3)

The LED versions of the cubes with a remote control, offer a preset of 16 colors and a variety of functions such as automatic color change, manual color selection and customizable brightness settings, to name a few.

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