Key Mouse Hides A Keypad

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Laptop is the absence of Number Keys on the right side and Key Mouse is a perfect device for laptop lovers, with a cool and practical design..

Digits On The Side

For all you Notebook lovers, here is a device that can be a great companion to your laptop along with giving you the facility of stealthy numeric keypad. The Key Mouse is actually a Bluetooth mouse with a retractable hood. It seems to prove that gadgets can also be hoodies and on top of that useful hoodies.

Key Mouse

This mouse will get easily connected to your laptop via Bluetooth thereby saving you from getting messed up with the wires.

Digits On The Side 3

If you are thinking of purchasing this mouse, then let me tell you that this is just a concept. If it gets launched, you may see it available in three colors, viz. red, white and black.

If you are a high tech gamer, check out the Cyborg R.A.T Gaming Mouse or in case you are a lefty, check out Razer Deathadder Left Hand Mouse.

I know that music freaks, will also be thinking of such a mouse that has multimedia capabilities and just for music lovers like me, here is a nice looking mouse called the Ceramic Passion Mouse which is Dedicated Wholly to Music Lovers.

Via: YankoDesign