The 3-in-1 Mini Micro Camera is the Size of an Inch

If you’re looking to buy a spy camera then this amazingly small 3-in-1 Mini Micro Camera is perfectly designed to get your job done. This camera is the size of an inch and while others will think of it as a key-chain or a children’s toy, no one will have a clue while you slyly use it to capture photos, videos and audio or just audio alone.

3-in-1 Mini Micro Camera (2)

This tiny one inch masterpiece is powerful enough to be used as a total surveillance system and with its small size and portability, can be easily carried around when you’re on-the-go. With an ability to capture 100,000 snapshots and more than 13 hours of video footage with this tiny cam you never have to worry about it running out of power as it can record even while plugged in.

3-in-1 Mini Micro Camera (3)

3-in-1 Mini Micro Camera (4)

Along with its ability to take high resolution videos and photos in crystal clear vision, this mini cam also has motion detection and audio trigger features which enable it to start capturing video when sound or motion is detected and the footage is stamped with the time and date, making your job of going through the hours of footage trouble-free.

3-in-1 Mini Micro Camera (5)

3-in-1 Mini Micro Camera (6)

Retailing at $129.95 this Mini Micro Camera also functions as a web cam and can be also used simply as a portable digital camera to capture videos and photos in high definition. It also streams live footage to the Internet so you can now monitor your home when you’re away.

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