Amazing Comic Book Superhero Computer Keyboards

There are several hundred types of computer keyboards available today, and since it is all about customizing and personalizing what we use, the idea is to buy keyboards that reflect the way we live and think.

These comic book inspired keyboards are not only colorful and elaborate, but they are pretty cool as well. The keyboards come with intricate comic character designs that would make you want to work a little bit longer than you would have on the regular keyboard.

You could choose between Wolverine Yellow Costume USB Keyboard, Spiderman Cityscape Wired USB Keyboard, Thor USB Keyboard, Wolverine Blue Scene USB Keyboard, Star Trek New Enterprise USB Keyboard, and Iron Man Flying Wired USB Keyboard.

All these keyboards cost $54 and are worth every cent you would spend on them. You could also take a look at other keyboard designs like the Recycled Keyboard Notebook, the Guitar-Meets-Keyboard and the Eclipse LCD Keyboard. It is almost like paying tribute to all the superheroes, albeit in a geeky manner.