Green Lantern Hoodie with a Masquerade Mask

Green lantern strikes with the name of comic book superhero, which has set all the Green lantern fans into frenzy with its emerald aura. While all the fans might have to wait for at least a year for this superhero to hit the cinematography with a bang for a year, you can show your support and eagerness by flaunting this Green Lantern Costume Hoodie.Green Lantern Hoodie

Sweatshirts always tend to make a trendy fashion statement, and with the combination of perfect colors matched with your favorite superhero, there is nothing more a fan can ask for! Justified by this particular hoodie, the green lantern themed sweatshirt flaunts a black hood along with a green drop down mask on the inside that would cover half of your face, which you can tuck it inside the hood if you wish not to wear it.

Green Lantern Hoodie (2)

No worries about getting your size, since these Hoodies are available from small, medium, large to XL with pretty combination of forest green and black. While the green lantern logo is detailed in the center, along the zip front closure, this hoodie is made of cotton and polyester.

Green Lantern Hoodie (3)

Get this sweatshirt for just $45 to make yourself warm and comfortable in cotton material with a retro look. I am sure all little kids would want to adorn this cute little masked sweatshirt in their Halloween party to get into the character!

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