Control The Boiler Without Moving An Inch With Mint Boiler Remote

Boilers have been one of the best inventions contrary to the serious injuries and property destructions caused because of understanding its mechanism poorly, but obstacles are the part of creation only, so we will leave it aside and go back to the boiler. Its real potential and safety was first discovered by Mark Benson, in the year 1922. Since then, Mark’s proper understanding about the boiler and the most important rules behind safety has helped people to use it in various fields. Mintpass started using their creativity and ended up making a one of its kind. This is “Mint Boiler remote controller” from MintPass which will help you to control your boiler without moving an inch.

Mint boiler remote controller4

This irresistible device resembles a steam engine and has been made with an exquisite look and a playful controlling. Actually these types of controllers are mainly installed on walls but thanks to our advancing technology, wireless boiler controllers are emerging.

Mint boiler remote controller3

It means that the way we can control our TV, the same way our boilers will be able to controlled. This one has been fitted with everything one needs to check without going near a boiler. It has temperature gauge, time gauge, a temperature setting valve, operation scheduling valve and a few levers which work with release triggers.

Mint boiler remote controller2

The best part is the LED screen which displays fire. A variety of range has been provided when it comes to selecting the communication module from the controller on the wall to the Mint Boiler. Either Bluetooth, infrared or 2.4 GHz can be used.

Mint boiler remote controller1

This design is so nostalgic and simple yet shows such excellence that it’s really commendable. If you want to play with it, you can pour some water to the chimney and see steam coming out of it.

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