Sensha Watch Design Takes Time to a Whole New Level

I’ve seen a lot of goofy and tech-related watches in my day, many of which were actually featured here on Walyou like the Nekura Twilight Watch or the Broke Watch. With that said I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like this Sensha concept watch that displays time in a rather unusual fashion. Give it to Tokyoflash to come up with such concepts.

The stainless steel case is connected to a “timing interface” that displays time in a number of groups. They’re separated into three circles that show hours, groups of 5 minutes and single minutes as well. The hours are places in the largest circle with 5 minute intervals at the bottom left. It’s the same as the hours and minutes on a clockface so that the average user can read it “at a glance.” I got news for you, it’d probably take me about 5 minutes to get the proper time from this thing. Of course by then the reading would be outdated. I’ll have to be sure to wear this only when time isn’t a particularly important factor like trying to catch a train or when I need to meet my fellow operatives. I can just see it now, standing on the platform saying “Let’s see my train is supposed to show up at 5:30 and it’s…uhm…it’s…..oh 5:45. Wonderful.” On the other hand it’s a natural deterrent for theft, I mean who wants to steal a watch that they can’t read the time off of or convince potential buyers to purchase?

If you’re confused by the description, not to worry, it has an example time and a nice little picture with arrows for those of us who aren’t advanced enough to read time in different formats. If you’re eager to pick one of these up pass your feedback along to the creator since currently it only exists on paper, but I have to admit I’d probably get one even if I couldn’t take the time readings off of it. It’s just that cool.

Via:  TokyoFlash