Awesome Game Boy Hoodie from Captain N: The Game Master

Do you remember Captain N: the Game Master, the cartoon series that aired on NBC when we were kids? It used to be a part of our Saturday morning routine. Well it’s impossible to bring back those days but you can now own and wear the Game Boy from the show in the form of a hoodie and relive those glorified days.GameBoy Hoodie (2)

This super cool Gameby hoodie resembles the Human- Sized supercomputer, from the amazing cartoon series that aired from 1989 to 1991, that was sent by King Charles in his place to help Captain N when the portal to the mirror world opened.

GameBoy Hoodie

This Game Boy hoodie designed by Monster Kitty Designs is made with fabric sewed on, which has been guaranteed to stay on and look great in spite of repeated washes. The cool hoodie is gray in color and has the Game Boy in the front and you can choose for it to be either a zip up or a pull over hoodie. What’s even cooler is that this hoodie is custom made and so apart from the zip up and pull over choice, you can also ask for another face on the Game Boy if you don’t quite like this one.

The hoodie retails for $70 plus extra shipping charges. So order it now and maybe even you’ll be ‘’programmed to play games”.

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Via: Fashionably Geek