Super Mario Bros One Up Mushroom Cake Saves Lives

Super Mario Bros game lovers would know that once a player collects one hundred coins, a 1-up is awarded so that the player an extra life to complete the game. Most of the 1-Ups are hidden in dangerous or hard to reach places, but that is what makes them so attractive.

super mario one up mushroom cake

However, as you collect these 1-up items, you could be sure that you would have more number of “lives” to continue playing the game. With that in mind, here is a delicious looking Mario One Up Mushroom Cake by Debbie. The green hat and the black eyes almost make your mouth water incessantly. It is not clear for what purpose the cake was baked, but it should not matter either.

If you are good at baking cakes, you could try and bake something similar to the Mario One Up Mushroom Cake, and please one of your friends who is a big time Super Mario Bros fan. You could also take a look at other Mario inspired cakes like the Super Mario Brothers and Pokemon Truffles and the Super Mario Galaxy Cake which we have featured earlier.