Giant Iron Man Lobster Suit

Iron Man has been the talk of the town since the first movie came out, and with the amazing Iron Man Helmet, Suit and action packed scenes, it has delivered for original fans as well as gathered new ones. Still, does such popularity deserve to see Iron Man reinvented within a Lobster suit?

iron man lobster suit

Every once in a while, certain places around the world present occasional campaigns that challenge local artists, companies and businesses to create a new design for a so called mascot. It seems that this was the case with the Lobster Iron Man suit, just like we previously seen with the Spiderman Cow. This is probably done in order to grant new fun designs around the town, gather some second looks from tourists and also bring the community together with big ‘ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ moments.

iron man lobster man suit

As mentioned by Fanboy, Meimi132 (a true fanGirl) has actually witnessed over 80 such Lobsters around Cromer, England with many different themes, designs and artwork. Iron Man was just one version of the giant lobsters, and for us geeks…it deserves that second look.

iron man suit giant lobster