Paint Your Nails the Star Wars Way

You may have heard about Labor Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and even Presidents’ Day. But when someone mentions May the 4th, the only reaction you give is a blank expression. What’s was the special occasion on May the 4th, you may (pun unintended) wonder.

For fans and fanatics, May the 4th is Star Wars Day. A day to celebrate the characters of a pop culture phenomenon called Star Wars. But why choose May the 4th to celebrate Star Wars Day?

For the uninitiated, Star Wars is a six-film space saga made by George Lucas that revolutionized special effects and film merchandising in Hollywood. The movie has one of the most celebrated lines in film history, “May the force be with you.” And thus May the 4th was chosen because ‘fourth’ and ‘force’ sound similar. On Star Wars Day, fans dress up as their favorite characters and relive the epic space saga for a day. And we being hardcore star war fans are going to do the same.

Now you may be thinking what’s the relation between Star Wars Day and a nail holiday. Here it goes…

You partner is loving, caring, and a normal person on most days. On the 4th of May, however, an alter ego consumes him. He takes a break from work, dresses up as Luke Skywalker and goes out to mingle with other Star Wars fans. Since you are not a fan, you are pretty much left in the dark and treated as an inferior citizen. It is time we brought some girl power to all this Star Wars hoopla.

All you have to do is take your passion for nail design and mix a little bit of Star Wars in it. Transform your nails to resemble a white Storm trooper or the evil lord Darth Vader.

Begin with a coat of transparent nail enamel. If you have decided to sport a Storm trooper design on your nail, then apply a coat of white nail polish. On this, you could gently paint on the facial features of the trooper using a black shade. Top it off with a dry fast top coat.

It is extremely simple to do and the reaction you get from your Star Wars crazed boyfriend, or husband, will make you feel like their prized possession. You may even be invited to celebrate the day with them. Go Girl Power!!!

There is a lot you can do with Star Wars on your nails. You can sport multiple characters on your nails and transform them into a style statement.

Here’s calling all women to celebrate May the 4th as a Star Wars nail holiday. May the force be with you!

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via: Daily Nail