Another Scary Steampunk Mask from the House of Bob Basset

Wearing masks was almost close to becoming a necessity when H1N1 was spreading like a wild fire. Demand for masks suddenly shot up and if you talk about some cool, unconventional masks, the name that’s gonna haunt your memory is Bob Basset. Known for their ferocious masks, Bob Bassetmasks have been around for more than 20 years.

steampunk mask

The steampunk mask, from the house of Bob Basset is my pick of the day. Crafted and produced by the Ukrainian artist Petrov and his team, these mask take you to the Victorian age when steam was used for producing electricity.

bob basset mask 1

You could check out other Steampunk masks. I wonder if any Hollywood director has ever used these masks in a Sci-fi steampunk movie. These masks can fit almost everybody since it has a shoe- lace style like adjusting mechanism.

bob basset mask 2

The Bob Basset collections include leather bracer, dragon back packs, dog shoes, leather armor and plenty of other accessories. You ‘d be amazed to know that leather along with resin, glass, metal, stones etc. have been used to produce these accessories. Forget about the gory ones, even this Steampunk Mask is enough to scare the hell out of me!