Technology Walyou Random Roundup

Walyou Random Roundup [May 8th, 2010]

The Walyou Random Roundup for May 8, 2010 includes Star Wars, tattoo art, the Simpsons, Super Mario Bros., 100 Million Bucks, Spiderman, Iron Man, the Terminator, Space Invaders and more. We hope you enjoy the roundup as well your weekend!

1. ‘The Simpsons’ Switches Theme Song to ‘Tik-Tok’ by Ke$ha (Comics Alliance)

2. Tattoo Of The Day! (I Am Bored)

3. Iron Man 2 Alternate Takes (College Humor)

4. Cute to Creepy Robots: Touring the Edge of the Uncanny Valley (Device Mag)


5. May the Fourth Be With You (Mental Floss)

6. Google TV coming to a set near you soon (Geek With Laptop)

7. Charts that amuse me so (the Chive)

8. What The Terminator Was Really Sent For (Geekologie)

9. The smallest N64 Mod ‘64 Boy’ is in full gear (GadgetHim)

10. Super Mario Bros. Crossover Mashes Up 6 Classic Nintendo Games (URLesque)

11. Spider-Man Foils Robbery in Comic Book Store (Asylum)

12. 100 million bucks (Bits and Pieces)

13. Space Invaders Silver Necklace (Geeky Gadgets)

14. Star Wars on Earth (The Awesomer)

15. The Best DIY Arc Reactor Yet (Gizmodo)

16. Real-Life Skynet? Modern Android & Robot (R)Evolutions (Web Urbanist)

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