17 Geeky Coffee Table Designs

Coffee Tables are never just that, are they? It is almost embarrassing to have a coffee table in the midst of your living room that is drab and was picked up from the warehouse. It is one of the first things that visitors see in your house and thus deserves the extra attention for personalizing or customizing.

Being the geek you are, your coffee table too needs to show what your true personality is, and these coffee tables below will surely make sure that people know what you really like. In fact, since geek culture is closely associated with product design, it should not come to us as a surprise that many coffee tables are already inspired by geek culture. That is why we gathered these 17 Geeky Coffee Table Designs that fit perfect in any hi tech geek’s room.

LED Video Coffee Table

1 led table

This is one helluva coffee table that allows you to connect video devices, slide show presentations, and entertainment facilities like playing games and others. The LED makes sure that very little power is consumed, and thus the LED Video Coffee Table could be used in homes, restaurants and in nightclubs.

PS3 Coffee Table

If you are a good fan of Sony PlayStation 3 or the PS3, you could very well go ahead and get the PS3 Coffee Table which looks chic and sleek.

Han Solo Carbonite Desk

Carbonite is really cool and we all know that. Han Solo is one of the most rocking characters from Star Wars. When you combine these two cool factors, you get the Han Solo Carbonite Desk, which almost looks like a zombie is getting up from the grave.

Retro Pacman Coffee Table

If you are a fan of Pacman, you just have to get the Retro Pacman Coffee Table which makes sure that your guests know what you like the most.

Magazine Coffee Table

Coffee tables are usually associated with magazines, more than geek-culture. Thus, you could get this Magazine Coffee Table that is made from magazines. Only, it may not be too strong for an extreme load.

Pocket Watch Coffee Table

If you were always worried about getting late, you could get yourself the Pocket Watch Coffee Table so that you do not have to worry about spending too much time drinking coffee.

Spill Proof Coffee Table Computer Mod

Since many are worried about spilling coffee on their computer and not being able to clean up later, you should get the Spill-proof Coffee Table which makes sure that the computer which is modded into it stays safe and dry.

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

If you prefer playing on your NES more than anything else, the NES Controller Coffee Table could just be the place to hold a serious gaming competition with your friend. The table is actually functional as a controller and also opens up as a storage box.

Wiggle Board Coffee Table

For the many who wanted to make sure that the person who stays with you knows when you are coming back, or if you have any other messages of that sort, you could get the Wiggle Board Coffee Table. Writing a message on this is more personal than sending an SMS.


The iPhone mania has elapsed into a juggernaut, and now the iPad is driving the whole world crazy. If you are an Apple maniac, you could get yourself the iTable which looks trendy as well, arriving to look like the classic iPod and in various colors.

Fender Electric Guitar Coffee Table

If you like playing your guitar no matter what, and if you love your Fender electric Guitar, you should go ahead and get yourself the Fender Electric Guitar Coffee Table which is pretty cool, and comes with an amazing design for the geeky musicians out there.

Star Wars Yoda Coffee Table

The Star Wars Yoda Coffee Table is backlit and is one of the first of its kind. It looks ominous to me. Fear it you shall not!

Jellio Cupcake Table and Seat

Those who enjoy sweet old cupcakes should really get this jiggly Jellio Cupcake Table which is a perfect practical coffee table and makes sense for dessert.

Home Arcade Coffee Table

Arcade game lovers have a great treat in store for them, and they should check out the Home Arcade Coffee Table which is a class of its own. It allows you to play arcade games on the table just like old school Aracde games like Galaga, Pacman and Space Invaders.

Color-changing Coffee Table

If you like your table to be the same, but look different, you should get the Colour-changing Coffee Table, which seems to be the big thing these days for a dynamic living room style.

Kloss DeLighTable Touch-Sensitive Coffee Table

Kloss DeLighTable Touch-Sensitive Coffee Table could be the furniture that could propel you to notoriety. It can keep your guests engrossed in the glowing designs that they can create on the table top surface, and they would forget their coffee which would get cold.

iPhone Coffee Table Design

The iPhone Coffee Table Design is yet another attempt to pay tribute to the iPhone which has almost reached a cult status. This table is chic, and well designed, and could be a great gift to someone who loves iPhones.