Dial Pocket Watch Concept Might Replace Cell Phones in Future

The age of wrist watches dawned after the First World War but until then it was all about pocket watches. Even with respect to men’s fashion pocket watch considered a part of their clothing for wristwatches were considered feminine and unmanly. But today’s scenario speaks otherwise. Watches strapped around your wrist sometimes speak more than you would actually want to convey to people.

With designer Eriz Lanuza touching new tech possibilities with a pocket watch, the world would probably come to know that there is a place other than steampunk, where pocket clocks will pick up some ground. Hailed as “Dial”, the crisp renderings of the conceptual pocket watch speak for itself.  Since our cell phones have taken up the baton of being our personal assistant, this concept is imbibing the same selling points of smart phone. To start with, the Dial shows a number of alerts when in stand-by or “watch” mode. These include network coverage, missed calls, unread text message, Bluetooth and other standard ones.

Once the screen is activated, it would pull up the functions menu just like your mobile phone.

The touch-sensitive keyboard is arranged around its circumference and has the “touch” pen chained to one of its ends.

In its attempt to become a smarter alternative to any conventional phone, the pocket watch also sports a camera behind and a standard audio jack on the top.

The concept of hi-tech Dial Pocket Watch hatched from the study on portable technology. Given the fact that technology is galloping to shrink size of every gadget around and at the same time maintain standards of innovation, this concept could be a real gadget in near future.

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10 thoughts on “Dial Pocket Watch Concept Might Replace Cell Phones in Future

  1. Hmm.

    I would never in my life buy a phone I wouldn’t be able to make calls without a separate ear piece. Would anybody? Make it a folding phone.

  2. Jesse.


    Did you not see the Bluetooth icon on the display? I would expect to talk on it using a headset. But I think the stylus is definitely a step backwards. It would have to run Android to be competitive also.

  3. Roady.

    I like this concept very much.
    think about it, it means a phone that doesn’t fall out of your pockets easily, it doubles as a fancy watch and it looks awesome.

  4. Skon.

    I’ve had this very design in mind ever since I saw my first cell phone! If you added a cover like many old pocket watches have that pops open at the press of a button you could have it open like and function like a flip phone. Make it also have a display and you would have room for a GPS in it to.

  5. Lin.

    Richard, I have to wonder why you think it wouldn’t be good for actual phone use? It it because of size? Because if so you obviously didn’t look at the design picture where it’s next to a hand. It looks like it would be about the size of most non-smart phones out there. Not to mention that there’s a little thing called bluetooth we have nowadays that would solve the problem even if it were too small.

    I, personally, like the idea. Phones these days are getting dumber and dumber in their design. You’re either stuck with a bulky smartphone or an inadequate tiny thing that falls apart if you so much as breathe on it wrong. It’s nice to see a good, classic design like that of a pocket watch turned into a phone.

  6. Richard Wicks.

    Yeah, talk on it.

    You know why you don’t have a watch phone? Because talking on one would absolutely suck. The novelty would be there, for about 2 days. Try using this dumb toy at a hotel or in a conference, or at a bar.

    This is why designers need to stop thinking they can make anything in technology. Reminds me of the stupid NULLA bike – all we need is some unobtanium and we engineers can build it.

    1. Phl.

      @Richard Wicks these are not (as to quote you) ‘dumb toy’. I’ve been using one for the last two years. Mines not a pocket watch but a wrist watch. It’s ‘bluetoothed’ to a earbud that I touch to end a call. To make a call, I just push one button to bring up my phone book, scroll up or down with the other two and just tap the call bar to dial it. The watch/phone came with 2 batteries (they snap in within 2 seconds and last 3 hours talk, 24 hours standby. My ‘toy’ also has a 2gbs mp3/4 player built in for music or videos. These are played through the earbud or the wristphones speaker. P.S. the wristphone also contains a microphone if for some reason I can’t use the earbud.

  7. veleda.

    OK. I adore this concept but.. it needs voice control.

    The keys are just too difficult for easy use.

    Add some sort of voice options and this is made of win.


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