Weigh it Right with the New Joseph Shell Digital Scale

When you think of weighing your ingredients the first think that come to your mind is the bulky weighing scale or those hard to read weighing needle. However, with the new Joseph digital scale weighing your ingredients will become quite easy. 

As the traditional weighing scales require a lot of space and are in fact pretty outdated for your mod kitchen, the Joseph Digital Scale is an excellent substitute for them.

The sleek looking, stylishly designed digital scale will add an entirely modernized tint to your kitchen. The digital scale is compact, pragmatic and versatile. It not only requires less space but is very facilitator when precise quantities of ingredients are required for the preparation of your recipe. This will give you the accurate weight of an ingredient you’re adding to your recipe. It may seem a bit fussy to weigh ingredients but that’s the secret of professionals..!

The Joseph digital scale consists of an integrated stainless steel bowl for measuring both dry foods and liquids. Moreover, it can be opened up to be used as an easy pour scoop when required. A large easy-to-read LCD beneath the bowl displays the weight of the ingredient in the bowl. Also, when it’s closed and not in use, the device looks like a cool pod and none can identify it as a weighing scale! Some really interesting features of the weighing machine are -Add and weigh feature, which can add and weigh multiple ingredients in the same bowl during recipe preparation; weighing dry foods and liquids in various parameters such as grams, fluid ounces, pounds, ounces and millimeters; 3xAA batteries power along with an auto-power off feature which maximizes battery life.

With these interesting features the device seems like a really cool and high tech gadget for your kitchen. Moreover, kitchen being the most integral part of our house we like it to be subtle and elegant and thus the device has been made in mild colors.

No more estimating ingredients or no more culinary mishaps, all thanks to the Joseph digital scale. Now a good or bad day in kitchen won’t matter if you have a weighing scale which can surely save some of your culinary mishaps. Moreover, you have two color options to choose from – white and gray, so pick the one which better suits your kitchen. The internal mechanism of the weighing device comes with a 10 years guarantee. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to get this reliable and stylish gadget for your weighing needs..!

It is now available for only $65 for Kitchen Gadgets lovers.

This is one of the few gadgets that can make your kitchen technologically advanced. You can also take a look at other such products such as Triforce Cutting Board and Froot Compact Juicer.