16 Hi Tech Trash Cans

One of the most annoying things in life is to throw the garbage, and that too after a satisfying dinner just before you would retire for the day. Most often, the ones who throw garbage regularly in a household have a love-hate relationship with trashcans; for they get the pleasure of doing what others in the house wouldn’t do, but it also reminds them how trashy it is to get rid of all the trash.

If only the trashcans were slightly appealing to look at, and if they defined your personality, maybe you would not hate the act of throwing garbage so much! Here are some of the geekiest and hi-tech trashcans that I have ever come across. It sure would be a great pleasure to manage household waste if we could get one of these superb trashcans.

R2D2 Trash Can

Star Wars fans would know how important R2D2 is, no matter how small a part the adorable robot may play. Likewise in life trashcans may play a very small role, but their significance is of utmost importance. This R2D2 trashcan is inspired by the adorable robot from Star Wars, and also signifies how important it is to throw garbage on time.

USB Flash Drive Recycle Bin

While the geek world is dominated by computers, it is not to say that their lives are anymore unreal or “virtual” than regular people’s lives are. Thus, in order to “delete” and get rid of all the unwanted garbage from the house, this unique USB Flash Drive Recycle Bin has been designed. It looks like the Recycle Bin icon in our computers.

Minus Concept Trash Can

Moving away from frivolous geek-culture, the Minus Concept Trashcan is a serious design that freezes the garbage and refuse so that it does not decay and let out foul odors. It could be a great new gadget to those who live in small apartments without gardens.

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Biopod is a bacteria killing trashcan which has been designed by Jonathan Fenton. Using a process called vacuum ionization, it sterilizes all the waste and prevents the garbage from decaying. Thus, it would not only kill the bacteria but also make sure that there is no putrid smell hanging in the air.

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Soccer Ball Trash Can

There isn’t anything common between soccer and trash management, except that people leave behind tons of garbage after soccer matches are held at stadiums. However, this cool Soccer Gadget combines a Trashcan and a Soccer ball, and can be used like one too! However when it comes to disposing garbage, it can be easily opened and stuffed with refuse. It is a great gadget for picnics!

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Barcode Trash Can

The Barcode Trashcan literally separates the garbage based on the waste’s organic factor. If a certain waste is organic, you could stuff it in one of the containers, and if it is non-organic it goes to the other container. It separates what can be recycled, and what can’t be recycled and thus helps you leave behind fewer carbon footprints.

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Veilo Trash Can

Veilo is a green trash can designed by James Chu. It provides for a great way to use grocery bags as trash bags, and thus utilize something that we would otherwise throw away as garbage. It reduces the amount of plastic we would use otherwise.

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Tri3 Trash Can

The Tri3 Trashcan comes with three separate containers in a vertical form, and thus saves a lot of space. The 3 different containers could also be used to separate your garbage as recyclable and non recyclable.

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Ovetto Recycling Eggs

The Ovetto Recycling Egg is a dual-slot trashcan which helps you to separate plastic and aluminum in one receptacle. The design reminds you of a futuristic pod in which you might have to live, if the planet became uninhabitable thanks to people not taking care of their environment.

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Philadelphia Trash Cans

The city of Philadelphia has installed two cool types of trashcans and one is the Solar Powered Trashcan. It reduces the garbage to compost easily using solar power.

They have also installed the BigBelly Solar Powered Trash Compactors which also makes sure that the organic waste is recycled right there in the trash can.

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Share//Trash Can by Burak Kaynak

This unique trashcan is inspired by social networks like Facebook and also blogs which ask you to share links and messages with friends. The Share/Trash Can by Burak Kaynak allows you to step on the button and count how many times you disposed the garbage. You could compete with your friends and share scores!

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Trash Tech for Solution Compost

Trash Tech for Solution Compost by Julien Bergignat is an attractive trashcan that grows plants using the garbage that has been composted. It could almost be used in your balconies to decorate them!

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DustCart Robotic Trash Can

DustCart Robotic Trashcan takes urban hygiene to a completely new level. The robot can walk around empty streets in the morning and classify trash as organic, recyclable or waste. It is an attractive way to manage urban hygiene.

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Bombproof Trash Cans

This could be of utmost importance to those living in crowded cities. There have been several terrorist attacks which claim innocent lives thanks to bombs placed in dustbins. The Bombproof Trashcan makes sure that if a terrorist places explosives in it, the damage would be minimal and there would be no flying shrapnel.

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Trash Can Hard Drive

The Recycle bins in our computers allow us to retrieve files if we ever delete files accidentally. However, even the recycle bin has a limit and thus the TEMPO Trash Can Hard Drive saves all your deleted files, just in case you ever need them. It has a space of 250GB to keep just the deleted files!

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These trash cans should inspire you to separate garbage according to its organic or inorganic qualities. Moreover, when you get a trashcan that is attractive and an extension to your personality, you would feel encouraged to clear garbage often.