This Pepper Spray Concept Design

Out of few alternatives to equip women with self defense techniques, Pepper Spray has advantages for one doesn’t need to take formal training in martial art rather just keep it around to make sure it comes handy when needed.  Product makers have devised intelligent ways to hide the nozzle spray in objects like lipstick cases or even a pen. The deception in attire of the device makes sure people around you don’t know that you could be dangerous too when troubled.

Designer Shmuel Linski’s attempt to give a less subtle and handy appearance to Pepper Spray is for a purpose. The designer believed a sophisticated accessory like this will find a befitting place in a traveling business woman’s purse for those ladies wouldn’t settle for tacky things. I wonder what tacky or loud about a lipstick or a pen for that matter. The images don’t speak much on how exactly it functions. I am assuming the plastic ring in the middle recess needs to be pulled back to shoot the chemical content on the notorious folks to leave them moaning in pain.
Pepper Spray

Right now if I was to think of any innovation with respect to a pepper spray it would probably be combing one with a stun gun too. The Lipstick Stun gun that we spoke of earlier is one hell of a personal defense gadget with some serious features. If you are looking for other chic gadgets with a feminine touch, check out the Classy Gresso Cell Phones and USB Flash Drive with Finger Print Scan.