Code Organ Translates Websites Into Music!

There could be music inspired by situations, people and other factors. However have you ever given a thought about music being inspired by websites? Well, the Code Organ is a web app that analyzes the content of a website and decides which notes to play and creates a jingle that is most apt to the website.

code organ

It analyses the “body” content of web pages and that is translated into music. Using a complex algorithm, it creates music to define the website in terms of key, synth style and drum pattern.

All you would need to do in order to “understand” a website musically is, just type the address of any given site in the space provided and within a matter of few seconds the Code Organ analyzes the content of the website and begins to play music. Of course, before trying this site make sure you have your headphone with you or that the speakers are turned on. It is a good way to kill time during a boring Sunday afternoon when all you would want is something to occupy your idle mind.

code organ about

The music sounds rather simple and minimalist but with time the developers could add more notes, complex drums and cooler synths. You can watch the video below or even play this particular page…which is short but catchy. For a longer tune, you could visit their site and place a home page url, and it would create a variety of sounds you may truly appreciate. We saw cool various music players and synthesizers before, as can be found with the Syncomasher, the Drum Keyboard or even learning How To Play Piano with Your Keyboard.