Pacman Hat Crochet Follows the Trend with Cute Little Pac Dots

Pacman fans have lived since decades, and to fulfill the craze of this adorable little figure along with Pac Man’s 30th Anniversary, there are amazing Pacman themed products like the Pacman cutting board, Pacman cakes, and Pacman candies. But these are things that won’t stay with you forever. So you want to carry your beloved character everywhere you go, and promises to stay with you forever, check out this super cool Pacman hat crochet, specially designed for all the geeks.

Pacman Hat Crochet

We all know the game of Pacman, where the little one goes through the maze to eat away all the Pac-dots. Well, this hat just portrays the same! The hat flaunts the Pacman with 5 little Pac Dots that go round the hat. Definitely, for all geeks, and every kid, this retro game has succeeded in winning all hearts of the people by winning the tag of the most played arcade game.

Pacman Hat Crochet (2)

Pacman Hat Crochet (4)

So why not show your support this awesome character by wearing this cute yellow and black themed hat, that’s available for just $18. An awesome artwork by Etsy, if you wish to make this hat in some other color combination, they are made on order to suite your choice! This adult size hat is a perfect art for the geeks, so what are you waiting for? Place the order to win all the attention around you when you wear one!

Pacman Hat Crochet (3)

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